Relational tables in ArcGIS Dashboards

01-04-2021 05:42 AM
New Contributor III


Customer has issue with using ArcGIS Dashboards. In web map are 1 feature class and 1 relational table (1:m). They were published on standalone ArcGIS Server version 10.8.1 with feature access. After adding feature service to the web map which was used in Dashboards, they create Side panel widget with group selecting. Also action to the map were applied (filter and zoom to map). User is able to select the attribute but no filter on feature web map is done. If I click on feature is no pop up with relational fields visible, even there were configured in Map Viewer.
How can they configure web map and ArcGIS Dashboards that all data (also relational table) will be visible and they could use all widgets in ArcGIS Dashdboards. Portal for ArcGIS is version 10.8.1. It is non federated environment.

I am aware that this thematic was already mentioned in some question but it was not the appropriate solution for us. Some Desktop Operational Dashboard apps are no longer supported. Same for query layers.

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