Mocking ArcGIS Server for Software Development

11-12-2019 12:17 AM
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We are developing a Java Application against an ArcGIS Server FeatureService. The system will be consisting of a lot of components, and ArcGIS is just a small part of it. The queries against FeatureSevice will be simple, just

- get an obect based on an attribute where clause (as GeoJSON)

- spatial query: get all objects overlapping a polygon

- create new objects

- update objects

The requirement is that every developer can write code locally, without network connection. And I do not want every developer having an ArcGIS Server installed when they are not developing any GIS related components.

Has anybody ever build a Mock System of an ArcGIS FeatureService? I was thinking about using WireMock and a FileGeoDB behind it. but are there other ideas around?

Bye, Nicole

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