Life without SDE Command Line

04-13-2015 11:39 AM
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As some of you all ready know,  @ 10.3 SDE command Line is not available at all.  We are on 10.2.2 and are migrating soon, so we are preparing our enterprise scripted functions for lfe without SDE Command Line.

One particular issue is the seemingly inability to register with the Geodatabase from within either SQL or python.

We can can get almost all the way there but we are having issues with the inability to set the Unique Identifier (OID Association).

Does anyone know a way to do this from outside of ArcCatalog or ArcMap????

Previously we were able to script the SDE Command Line registration process, now we are creating our Feature Classes from within SQL (Oracle DB), and adding a row and calculating the Spatial Index (all within SQL). 

But we still have to manually associate the Unique Identifier.......Frustrating.!.!

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What about the Register with Geodatabase GP Command? It's part of ArcGIS 10.3 and it really resisters the layer with the geodatabase. The command line tool only registered with sde.

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Hi Bradley,

The Register With Geodatabase tool is available at 10.2.x as well as 10.3.  Here's the doc for 10.3 with some Python snippets.

Register with Geodatabase—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Functionality to handle objectids is available with the geoprocessing tool as well:

In addition, registering a table with the geodatabase adds an ObjectID field to the table. This field is populated by the geodatabase with unique ID numbers.

If you register a table with the geodatabase and the table already contains an ObjectID field, you are presented with a dialog box that allows you to use the existing field or add a new field, ObjectID_1.

Hope this helps.

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Brad -

There are a few ideas out there that discuss some of the workflows of creating sde registered views or registering native geometry type tables with the sde commandline. This applies for spatial tables and database views. These workflows have been replaced with the use of query layers. I am assuming that is where you are mentioning the 'inability to set the unique identifier'? Are you able to utility registration with the geodatabase? At 10.3 for spatial tables you have the option of registering the table with the geodatabase as Lance mentioned or using the query layer functionality.

Since the SDE command line tools have never been geodatabase aware I do not foresee a 100% equivalent replacement to the command line tools.

Check this idea out:

ArcGIS Idea - Create Views In ArcCatalog Like In SDE Command Line

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