Image Extension is not licensed on the ArcGIS Server

01-02-2018 06:50 PM
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Hi all,

We're currently upgrading to Windows Enterprise 10.5 and are having issues with the Image Server role.


I have created a server site that has two boxes. The first box has an ArcGIS server install along with an image server role that has been authorized. The second box only has an ArcGIS server install. The site is running through its own web adaptor.

I've read some previous posts that indicate that Image Server role should actually be installed on a separate machine and site.

However, our local software vendors have come back to us stating that "Multiple server license roles can be applied to the same machine or site as the base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, or  they can be deployed independently of the base deployment"

From the response that our software vendors supplied I assume that my current set up should work?  however, we are experiencing the following problems


1) When we try and publish an image service the following error is intermittently returned in ArcMap:

00147 The Image Extension is not licensed on the ArcGIS Server.

However, when I check the ArcGIS Server software authorization for the site, the Licensed Roles are GIS Server Advanced , Image Server.

2) I can view some of the published image services using the Javascript api at our rest end point. However when I view the Server logs there are Severe warnings including "Image Server is not supported with the Current  license"

3) When we try and publish a map service containing raster mosaics we get Error 001487 "Failed to update the published service with the server-side data location". However all the data sources are registered with the server.

4) Some of our image services appear to publishing however return  "Error Service Started with errors"


I'm wondering if the issue is with the setup and whether or not I should have 2 sites. The first site running ArcGIS Server with an imagery server role. Then create a second site with just ArcGIS Server ?

Any help would be appreciated.





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We are also upgrading to 10.5.x.   We chose to install on two different machines, separate sites.  Each has its own web adaptor.

although you would have to check with you customer service rep/local distributor to verify, I think if you plan two have the two (both if these) servers on the same "site", you would have to hAve two Image Server licenses.  On the other hand, installing as two different sites, the core ArcGIS Server license is "included" in the Image Server license, so you basically have two core sites.  This is nice since you can isolate the image server services (including caching) without impacting you other services.

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We ran into an issue that seems similar when deploying 10.5.1.  For us, trying to activate the Image Server role after activating the GIS Server role seemed to be the culprit.  We ended up deauthorizing the servers and re-licensing them for both server roles at the exact same time.

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Hi Clinton Ballandis. Did you find out what the problem was? I have a customer with the same intermittent Image Extension licensing issue, but they're publishing from ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2. Thanks.

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Hi David,

I resolved this issue by creating two separate sites each with its own webadaptor. One site has only ArcGIS server (and handles our map and feature services) the other site has ArcGIS Server with the Image Server Licensed Role (handles our image services). Essentially I went with Rebecca's recommendations above.

Initially I had one site with two ArcGIS servers. Only one of the ArcGIS servers had an image server role authorized. When I went into the Software authorization tab for the site it appeared that the site had the Image Server Role available. 

However, when I tried to publish image services from ArcMap I would intermittently get the following error:

I believe the issue was that only one of the ArcGIS Servers in the site had the image server role and not both of them. When we tried to publish an image service it would try and use the ArcGIS server without the Image Service Role and return the Image Extension is not licensed error. (I couldn't see how you could specify what server to write to in the site).  

Once I had separated out the sites we never had "the Image extension is not licensed on the ArcGIS Server" error again 

Hope this is helpful.



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I had an issue with the same error code 00147, but in my case there was no Image extension and no need for it either. I was just trying to publish a map server with some rasters in it and during the Analyze process some layers returned error #00147.

My problem was solved by simply replacing those raster layers in my map from scratch (re-adding them). In case some one else have the same error code without the need for Image Server extension.

Regards, Ivan

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