Failed to create the site arcgis server

01-18-2016 11:56 AM
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dear All,

I am facing problem when i update arcgis server 10.0 to arcgis server 10.2.2.installation competed successfully.but when i create the site i get fallowing error

Failed to create the site. Failed to create the cluster 'default'. One or more server machines could not be started.

please help to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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By chance, are there any special or non-English characters in the machine/domain name?

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I had an odd issue that sounds kinda familiar. Somehow our default cluster got hosed. I had to open up each service, drop down the ddl for the clusters and select Default. It was already selected, but for whatever reason, it needed to be selected again. But, it sounds like you have having issues even publishing. You might try re-creating the default cluster.

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HI there

Have you read through this link?

Installing ArcGIS for Server

There have been changes in the way ArcGIS Server Operates in 10.0 to the later versions.