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03-25-2016 07:24 AM
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I am developing a number of AGO maps with maps services developed using ArcGIS Server.

When viewing these maps, The CPU at on my server running ArcGIS Server shoots up to 100% and stays there.

When viewing task manager there are many ArcSOC.exe that contains CreateMiiDumpOnCrash - Xmx64M ....

Any one else experience this problem, knowing this is in dev and no one else is hitting this data? thanks!

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What you are seeing the Details of the Task Manager is normal regarding the information that is presented for each ArcSOC process. 

Regarding your maxing out of the CPU, a couple of variables are in play here and affect your overall server performance.

  • Resources on your server, RAM and number of processors, more is always better.
  • Number of services/instances you have published
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