Best way to publish numerous historical raster maps

08-20-2020 03:22 AM
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Hello Everyone

I am currently trying to think of the best way to share numerous collections of historical raster maps that we have in our organisation via the web e,g ArcGIS Server/AGOL. The current solution we have in place is that we have created numerous file geodatabases with managed raster catalogues inside them and have imported the tiles into them. These are stored on our ArcGIS servers and are published to web map services which does work as a solution. However when using them on the web there can be a be time delay which is to be expected however some people it takes longer than others probably down to internet connection.

We have considered doing cached services however due to the amount of maps we have don't think it would work this way and could result in too many services or not being able to see tiles if they overlap in multiple different years/scales

We did experiment with creating local caches which we would reference in the service however we found this took along time to do and alot of storage space. 

Was wondering if anyone had any other suggestion or approaches we might consider?



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Hi Thomas Illingworth,

You might have a look at Topotijdreis: 200 jaar topografische kaarten for some inspiration. In this application more than 200 years of historical maps, covering the Netherlands, is served in a very user friendly way.

This app has been build and is being maintained by the Dutch Esri reseller, Esri Nederland. Maybe they can provide you with some guidance.



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You may want to look at some of the Imagery workflows like this one -Introduction—Browse Imagery_Overview | ArcGIS 

I would look into using Mosaic Datasets as the mechanism to server out the maps; ArcGIS Imagery Workflows | Documentation 

Imagery and Remote Sensing

--- George T.
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Thanks George will have a look into



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George is correct to refer to the Imagery Workflows.  We have published a workflow specifically for multi-date and multi-resolution scanned maps here Introduction—Managing Scanned Maps | ArcGIS