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ArcGIS service access issue on IE Edge

01-08-2020 11:35 AM
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One of our vendor application hosted on AWS has aspx page and which has script access Esri ArcGIS Map services (10.6.0) (on-prem). The application works fine and able to render all services in Chrome, IE but edge browser (Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0) does not render map services. 

Services configured with https://FQDN:6443/arcgis/rest/services/land_data//MapServer. We tried with with web adaptor both does not work. 

if I access the service directly on browser - JS api renders map properly. This means IE edge able to render map independently not via aspx page for some reason on IE edge only.

I am seeing failed to fetch the layer and below is error displayed on browser console

[object Object]: {details: Object, message: "Failed to fetch", name: "request:server"}
details: Object
message: "Failed to fetch"
name: "request:server"
__proto__: Object
Any tips or clue to track down would be appreciated, as I do not have access to aws server or app. 
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Not sure if this is related, but since last week Edge quit displaying map services in Portal web applications.  It seems to not be able to find the services. i can not add them to a map.  Its odd though, because some web apps with those same services will open and display the service data.. but very few.  Dashboards and storymaps open ... but web apps show up blank.  No basemap either.

From the Portal Home Page i can select MAP from the menu and it will open but once i'm in the Map and select "Content" or 'Home" or any other option to leave the Map, nothing happens.  Its stuck.  Our Developer Tool was disabled during the last network upgrade so I'm unable to see what may be going on. 

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