ArcGIS Server 10.2 on CentOS 6

10-22-2013 12:57 AM
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Hi everybody,

For economic reasons, we would like to install arcgis server 10.2 on CentOS 6 on our integration and pre-production platforms.
However, we will install arcgis server on the RHEL 6 production to meet the recommendations of ESRI.
Do you think this is possible?
If so, ESRI centos6 bear it?

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ArcGIS for Server 10.2 is only supported on RedHat and Suse Linux:
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You can install ArcGIS Server (10.1, at least) on CentOS 6 and it will run just fine. Whether you want this for pre-production is another story though since ideally pre-production and production environments should be identical. But since the purpose of CentOS is to be a near-identical replica of Redhat anyway, maybe that's good enough.

Edit: whoops, just realized the original post is a year old

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You can install it, but it might not work.  I had a customer who had wanted CentOS 6, but had to switch over to RHEL 6 when a security patch released just about one year ago caused ArcGIS Server 10.1sp1 to suddenly stop working.  Upgrading to 10.2/10.2.2 didn't help.  Replacing the OSes set the project back a week. Far better to use a supported OS than work without a net.

CentOS 5.11 continues to work for me, but I wouldn't recommend it for integration, testing, or production.

- V