ArcGIS 10.6 problems editing using Windows security groups.

03-28-2018 05:13 PM
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Hi, we have recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10.6 and are having problems editing sde feature classes using Windows security groups. If a user is added with individual permissions they can edit, but not when they are only part of a group. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

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Are the users in the groups with issues from within the same domain or nested in another domain?

What version is your SQL Server level (select @@version) and version of the Enterprise Geodatabase?

--- George T.
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Which version of ArcGIS we're you using before 10.6?

This sounds a lot like the problem existing in 10.5.1, for which the SQL Server permissions patch was released. Would be too bad if the same issue resurfaced.

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