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05-15-2018 09:55 AM
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Hi - 

As we stand up ArcEnterprise at 10.6, we are planning for 2 sites, one designated as the hosting server with our portal and a second federated site to handle things like legacy services, an image server role etc.  My question is, how do I handle publishing annotation from ArcPro 2.1.x?  As Sarah Scott‌ from esri staff wrote in the blog post

What's new in 10.6 - Annotation Layers 

a section reads:

"If you have ArcGIS Pro 2.1 you can publish and consume annotation feature services with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6. You just need to make sure that your services are published to an ArcGIS Enterprise federated server where your data is stored in a registered enterprise geodatabase." (italics are mine).  

For the hosting server, I thought that the Data Store is taking the place of the registered enterprise geodatabase.  So does this mean I need to register our one of our Enterprise SDE user db's with the federated site and then I can publish ArcPro updated Annotation to it?  Or can I publish to both the hosting site and the federated site?



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Hi David, 

The registered enterprise geodatabase does not take the place of the Data Store. Services published from an enterprise geodatabase will not be hosted. 

This means that to publish your feature service you need to register your Enterprise SDE database with your federated server (you can do this before publishing after analyzing). Here is a link to more information on that: About registering your data with ArcGIS Server—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise .

When you publish data this way, it means that your data will remain in your enterprise geodatabase, and will not be copied to the Data Store. All the data management will need to be done on your dbms.


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Hi David,

Just to add onto Sarah's post, checkout this whitepaper to better understand the differences between enterprise geodatabases and the ArcGIS Data Store. 

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Derek and Sarah Scott I'm all set on this.  Since I posted this back in June I've now installed Enterprise at 10.6 and have upgraded last week to 10.6.1.  We've gone ahead and just treated the Anno as part of workflow separation, where the anno is now a dynamic map service i.e map image layer published from Map to our federated (non-hosting) site.  We have a constraint that won't quite allow us yet to upgrade it to Pro. It's working very well.  

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