advice on setting up a GIS shop, OneDrive/Sharepoint, Enterprise, etc

10-02-2019 06:50 AM
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Hi there! I work for a medium sized non-profit that is just setting up our GIS program. We currently have two primary analysts, and ~5 users who also have experience with GIS and would benefit from access (that number may grow). Our management has moved completely to a OneDrive/Sharepoint storage with no local server storage. We primarily all work remotely, so that is partly why they've made that move. Ideally we'd have one location where we're housing all our GIS data, projects, resources etc that all GIS users could access and work from. We do not do much concurrent editing, but want to remove redundancy with folks storing the same data in multiple locations. We don't create much data, rather we use data that others have created (some large like national landcover, imagery, etc). I've read some comments about issues with OneDrive/Sharepoint. So far, I've had some syncing issues when working with ArcGIS Pro projects stored on OneDrive, plus have had trouble with running simple python scripts with data stored in Sharepoint. So, it's not ideal. What have other organizations done in this scenario? We are exploring the possibility of ArcGIS Enterprise deployment but don't know if it's overkill for such a small group. Another component is that ideally we'd be able to create interactive apps and maps, with some only viewable internally without requiring AGOL licenses for each viewer (but also many more would be public facing). We're thinking about talking with an Esri business consultant, but wanted to see what info you all might have to share first. Thanks!

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