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WebGISDR Backup Fails in HA Environment

03-28-2021 10:16 PM
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Hi All,

We have 10.8 HA Environment. ArcGIS Server, Portal & DataStore were Installed in both Machine01 & Machine02. Shared Content is on Machine03. Machine02 is acting as Primary Portal.

While trying to take the WebGISDR Backup for HA Portal from Machine02 with both external & Internal Portal URL's are failing. But I was able to export ArcGIS Server & Portal Site Individually and also able to take Data Store backup from the DataStore Utility available. I have verfied the portaladmin credentials are correct, Shared location path was accessible from all the machines & WebGISDR tool was running with an account which is having Administrative rights on all the machines.

Have gone through the community posts & can't conclude this error due to BUG-000116145 Or 000135171 & or not. WebGISDR Utility was giving below Error message & It's debug log was attached for your review. Any suggestions Please & Thanks in advance.


D:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\tools\webgisdr>webgisdr -e -f
Starting the WebGIS DR utility.

The response status code is 301 for the request:

Redirect to URL: https://Machine02-LB.INTERNAL URL:7443/arcgis/sharing/rest

The configuration and base backup time in the current Web GIS
Portal: https://EXTERNAL URL/portal
|-- Hosting Server: https://EXTERNAL URL/server
| |
| |-- Relational Data Store: https://Machine02-lb.INTERNAL URL:2443/arcgis

Starting the backup process with the WebGIS DR utility.

Starting the backup for Relational ArcGIS Data Store:
Url: https://Machine02-lb.INTERNAL URL:2443/arcgis.

Failed to generate token for Portal for ArcGIS. Verify that the credentials you entered are correct. Check the WebGIS DR utility logs and the Portal for ArcGIS logs for more information.

Exiting the WebGIS DR utility.

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In a web browser on Machine02, what happens if you go to https://Machine02FQDN:7443/arcgis/sharing/rest/generateToken  .  If the UI returns and you enter user name, password and selected IP Address of this request's origin option, is a token generated?

Are all of your component connectivity URL constructs between Portal(s), Server(s), DataStores(s) using FQDN?

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Hi Todd,

Thanks for your reply.
01. Yes, We can able to generate token with the URL mentioned. 
02. All of our components connectivity URL's are using FQDN.



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