Using Cartographic Representation as default SDE symbology

04-30-2012 02:31 PM
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I'm looking into the possibility of using cartographic representation to store a standardized symbology for data on our SDE.  I've run into a few stumbling blocks and hope someone might have some answers....

1)  I have a pipe layer I like to symbolize by category using a field named 'TYPE'.  When I created the representation on the feature class, I gave it an LYR file with my categories in it, and it created a representation with 12 or so rules for the 12 different categories.  It also populated the RULEID field on each feature with the appropriate rule.  Now I'm trying to go in and create a new feature in the edit session.  When I change the value in the 'TYPE' field, the appropriate representation rule is not being populated in the RULEID field.  Is it possible to have the RULEID field auto-populated when another field changes value?  Or is this something that has to be populated separately?

2)Is there some sort of rule or limitations to how the representation itself is named? I tried to name the representation on my pipe layer to something generic like 'PRIMARY' so that people would know which representation is the 'standard or popular' way of symbolizing the data if there are multiple representations.  However I was told by the software this name was invalid; and I couldn't find any restrictions in the help on naming conventions.

3).  There in SDE(Oracle) specifically are the individual symbology for the rules stored?  I can't find a table and I'm not good at navigating the new SDE10 XML structure yet.
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