SITES - Custom template - for all regional offices

05-11-2020 09:50 AM
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Good morning.

thank you for your help.

We completed the following tests on SITES and figured out the following:

  1. We could put data and users in different groups and share the data amongst the members of the groups.
  2. We were pleased with the 'permissions' needed for outside group users.
  3. It was simple enough for staff members to drag and drop contents to the page.

Our next question:

  1. Instead of teaching our state users to modify ESRI's default template can we create an OUR Template  with standard colors, logos etc, can our design staff decide the colors, logo to match our agency?
  2. If such OUR Template is possible, we would also remove a few links that are not applicable to our operations.
  3. Using OUR Template we can minimize our training of our field staff members and their time adding content.
  4. We also want to be sure OUR Template changes are available seamlessly when we upgrade from 10.7.x or 10.8.x and we don't have to re-create this template.

thank you for your support.


Ravi Kaushika.

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