Research Project in 19th century terrorism

09-13-2011 06:28 AM
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I do not know if this is the right forum to pose my question, but I will give it a shot anyway.

Hello my name is René Brauer and I am currently a master student of geography at Gothenburg???s University. I became recently involved into a research project where I am supposed to help out as an assistant, particular regarding the GIS functions.

The research project is about the impact of the development of technology on 19th century terrorism. More specific in how has the development of new technologies like, the revolver, dynamite and the like, enabled, transformed or created international terrorism.

My part in the project is to create a database that holds the following information, date, location method and other additional information that can be interesting of 19th century terror attacks. But the date, location and method are the ones particular of interest. Since these are the ones going to be mapped in both spatial and time frame and the methods being the dividing characteristics that are of interest.

Now I am aware that mapping timelines is always a nightmare, I was planning on using the framework of Torsten Hägerstrand´s time geography but translating this to GIS becomes rather difficult.

Now my question is, is anyone aware of similar studies concerning the spread of technologies in both spatial and time dimension. Can you recommend any software particular suited for such a task? Or just have general ideas concerning this particular study.

All input is greatly appreciated and if there are uncertainties that you want me to elaborate more, I will try to do as soon as possible.

René Brauer
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