Portal for ArcGIS Crashes with Update Identity Store or Test Identity Store

08-22-2016 12:35 AM
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Hello GeoNet folks,

I am configuring Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1 on a Win Server 2012 environment and I am facing a weird problem, I am integrating with Active Directory, and whenever I try to update the Identity Store or Test Identity Store from Portal Admin interface, the Portal restarts (as it supposed to do) but giving me a "This page cannot be displayed" page, finding out after the restart that nothing has changed in the configuration.

PS: I tried the three major browsers, and they have the same behavior.

PS 2: I checked portal logs and they have nothing about the above mentioned problem.

I appreciate your support.

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Did you make sure that your Portal Configuration is set to use to https only?

(My Organization > Edit Settings > Security)

After setting that to true and saving the configuration page, go back to it to make sure it stuck.

It doesn't always stick, so make sure it has taken before proceeding to set the user and group configuration stores.

Make sure the account defined in the user and group ID stores has sufficient permission into your AD server.

It's best to use a domain account with a password that never expires for that account.

Make sure that you have a set a Windows domain account to be an admin in Portal before going to IIS and switching over to Windows Authentication enabled.

You also need to make sure you browser has been setup to allow Windows Credentials to pass through.

Internet Options, Security Tab >Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced

Add your portal's FQDN to trusted sites.

I think this is documented if you log into Portal as an Admin, click the drop down by your name and  click the bottom entry: Administrator Guide

Then look for Secure Your Portal > Configure Web-Tier... > Use Integrated Windows Authentication with ....

Should be somewhere like:


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