Overlapping Polygons Split Symbology

01-12-2011 12:44 PM
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I have a situation where I have several layers of information that can't be simultaneously displayed layer on layer or by means of hatching, but need to be included on a single map.  The necessary solution is to section a single polygon's symbology to show each of the underlying data layers. 

As an example, imagine a square plot of land.  That plot can be serviced by either firm A or firm B, but not C-G.  I would need to show the plot with the left half being the colour of firm A in the legend, and the right half being firm B's.

The next square plot might be serviced by any of Firms A, C and G, but not B, D, E, F.  The symbology would have to display, like a pie chart, 1/3 of the plot in Firm A's colour, 1/3 in Firm C's and 1/3 in Firm G's.

There could be any number of these overlaps theoretically, I haven't found a good way to do this yet.  Any leads?
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