Legend Gap?

05-07-2014 10:05 AM
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I am building a template mxd that I will further automate using python. I am having an issue with the legend.

I have 2 settings in my map:

  • Scale dependant layers

  • In the Legends properties dialogue box 'Items' tab, I have 'Only show classes that are visible in the current map extent' enabled

I believe that scale dependant layers will still try to add themselves to the legend, even though they are outside of the scale range I had set in the layers properties dialogue box 'General Tab', except that they leave gaps because their symbology and description is missing.

Is there anyway to eliminate these gaps aside from turning off the layers?

I've attached an image. See the gaps between 'M Claim' and 'Titles - All Outlined' as well as 'Claims' and 'Divisions'

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That looks like it may be a bug. What version of Arc are you running?

All I can think of is to put the out of scale layers at the top or botton (or if just two, one at top one at bottom) on the items tab of Legend Properties. There will still be a gap, but it won't be between items, it will be between the items and the legend frame, maybe between the word Legend if you use that.
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