If my map extent includes dis-contiguous areas, does a map cache of the layers attempt to save tiles for all of the area in between the two landmasses?

08-10-2020 08:48 AM
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Hello I am new to ArcGIS Portal and am trying to improve the performance of my webmap by caching my map services. My map includes hierarchical geographic boundaries that are viewed at extents ranging from many states down to a block level. The data includes states in New England as well as Puerto Rico. My main question is, when I include Puerto Rico in the map service when caching, does the cache make tiles for all of the land area between New England and Puerto Rico? If this is so, I would potentially make two services and split the data between them.

My second question is about cache layers in general. My layers are set to turn on at appropriate scales for viewing, however, my map service includes layers that turn on for viewing areas that encompass multiple states each all the way down to layers where a feature may only encompass only 1 city block (over 600k in my map region). 

In a scenario where I create a cache for a layer which drew from the highest to lowest extent and across the whole region, because the tiles are essentially going to be drawn at all extents and for the whole region, it would not make a difference in the cache storage size if extra data was added that drew at the smaller scales (such as adding a block layer) since the tiles would have been generated regardless of adding these finer detail layers. Am I correct, or does the tile cache increase in size if the amount of data in each tile is increased? or is a tile always the same size regardless if there is no data (somehwere within an unfilled polygon) or contains many small features?

I hope this makes sense.

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