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How to enable 'Keep Me Signed In' for oauth.

10-12-2022 01:21 PM
New Contributor

I am trying to enable to the ability to remember the user to prevent them to need to constantly login. All the images and docs have that little option, but when I run the code its missing. I am running JS 3.41 and running the work flow like this:

var appId = "APP_ID"
var info = new esri.arcgis.OAuthInfo({
     appId: appId,
     portalUrl: "PORTAL_URL",
     popup: false
esri.IdentityManager.checkSignInStatus(info.portalUrl + '/sharing').then(() => {
    // load my map
}).otherwise(() => {
          esri.IdentityManager.getCredential(info.portalUrl + "/sharing", {
          oAuthPopupConfirmation: false
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