Has anyone automatically extracted Feature Service attachments as Portal Items?

09-03-2019 07:49 AM
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I'd like to allow users to add non-georeferenced items to our Portal (Images of old hand-drawn maps of the great lakes,  handwritten lists of school student names, or tabular data like Census for example) but allow them to provide a general geographic reference for them in the form of a point or polygon. These users are not very familiar with GIS and would not be georeferencing anything. 

We've created a Geoform that allows this, adding the document as an attachment and defining a corresponding location via a map at the bottom of the form. These form entries then become features in a feature service and the documents are attachments to those features. 

However, we'd like to see those attachments as actual Items in the portal, where they would be searchable and accessible just like any other Items. Currently the attachments are 'hidden' within the Features. If we simply use the 'Add Items' functionality, we lose the ability to add a geographic location. We'd like to be able to highlight the added resources, but also provide a map of where the resources pertain to generally. 

I've started flowcharting a routine to take Feature Class attachments and add them as URL Items in Portal using the REST API, but I'd also like this to be an automatic function that happens when a new feature attachment for this layer is submitted. Has anyone done anything like this yet? 

Alternatively, is there any way to modify the Add Item interface of Portal to ask the user for a 'location' of the item?


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