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05-08-2014 01:43 PM
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I am making a custom grid in the "Grids and Graticules Designer" (Production Mapping) and I am having trouble adding corner Lat/Long coordinates. I am able to ad a Lat/Long grid but the grid doesn't extend to the corner of the AOI (1:50k NTS polygon). I've tried copy/paste corner coordinates from one of the grid templates and it creates the following (see attached pic). Any time I add in "Corner Ticks" they draw as extended lines along the bottom of the AOI. Not sure how to fix this problem. I've tried to add "Corner Ticks" and they draw wrong. I've also tried adding new grids in to label endpoints but no corner endpoints is drawn because the grid doesn't extend to edge of AOI. Any help would be appreciated.
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by Esri Contributor
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Hi Holly

You may want to take a look at the Production Mapping Topo50K grid XML to examine the settings used for geographic coordinates.  Another tip is to use a new feature data set every so often when designing a grid XML.  This will prevent an overabundance of features each type you click Create.  If you need need further assistance you could re-post this question in the Esri Production Mapping forum.

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I have taken a look at the Production Mapping Topo50K grid XML to see the settings and have applied to the "Corner Ticks" I used. I've also tried using a new feature data set every time I make a new grid XML to rule out any issues there. I've loaded the template grid with out any changes in a new dataset and have the same issues. I thought it may be a projection issue but all of the coordinates are correct and I've double checked primary/secondary coordinate systems as well. Thanks for the help. I'll post to the Production mapping forum.
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