Cartographic Representation - trouble loading different representation marker symbols

08-28-2013 07:53 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to use cartographic representations to add marker layers to my marker symbol.  The 10.0 help says to do steps 1-6 below. I get to step 5 and all I see are a few symbol options.  I'd like to use the Forestry symbols, so I clicked the More Styles button, selected Add, navigated to the ArcGIS 10 Styles folder, selected and clicked Open.  I expected the Forestry symbols to appear in the Marker Selector Dialog Box, but instead I see no new symbols.

How do I get these symbols (or any other symbols) to load?

1.Open the Layer Properties dialog box of the layer containing the representation rule that you want to modify and click the Symbology tab.
2.Ensure that the correct representation is selected under the Representations heading.
3.Click the representation rule you want to modify. A box appears around the representation rule.
4.Choose the layer you want to modify by clicking a marker layer tab .
5.Click the image of the representation marker inside the layer pane. The Marker Selector dialog box opens.
6.Choose a different representation marker from the palette or click the More Styles button to navigate to a style that contains representation markers.

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