assign default label symbol and expression

10-24-2013 12:50 PM
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Is there a way to assign default a label symbol and expression for each feature class I am working with?  Much like setting up a
representation to control symbology I would like to be able to add a layer to a map with a predefined, customized label.  I found
this posting from 2 years ago ( and was hoping ESRI has made this possible in versions 10.1/10.2.  Thanks,
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Maybe ArcMap - Options - DataView - Default Labeling Properties will help with the default font. may help with a label symbol.

You can also go to the drawing toolbar's Drawing - Default Symbol Properties.  You could set this in a new project along with the the Default Labeling Properties, and then save the project in your templates folder for use in creating new projects.

If you save your finalized symbology and labeling expressions as a layer file, then when you need to add that layer again to a project add the layer file instead.

If you are talking about adding new layers to a project that haven't been previously symbolized and labeled, you might be able to first add a layer file that has the symbols and labels you want, and then re-source it to the new layer.