Access ArcGIS Online Content while connected through a local portal site?

08-07-2018 01:42 PM
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I was looking for a quick solution to access public data through ArcGIS Online while connected to a local portal site.  Right now i use portal but when i want to search for public data it only sees local organizational data.  I like to pull in basemap data and environmental data all the time.  My current solution is to close arcmap, open arcgis administrator, and reconnect to arcgis online.  I am essentially closing everything and toggling between local portal and AGO.  I was hoping for a simple solution to keep all my information in portal secure and still have the flexibility to access the publicly available data in AGO.  I would assume this could be done through "Allow Portal Access" or "Collaborations".  I can't imagine this not really being an option.

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Hi Garrett,

You can certainly use Collaboration to achieve this, or alternatively add the ArcGIS Online content as items in your Portal.  See our doc for Adding items from the web.  

You mentioned that these items are public, so you will be able to add them to Portal for ArcGIS without having to provide credentials.  

Hope that helps!


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Hi Joel,

Thank you for your response.  I would like to try and add AGO through collaboration if possible.  There is so much content that my customers are using it would be pretty difficult to always be adding directly to portal.  If there was a way we could just have access to both it would be great.  There isn't any documentation that i could find that would properly explain how to add ArcGIS Online to  an existing portal site. 



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