Error registering database in Pro 2.4.1 (and 2.4)

09-17-2019 10:01 AM
New Contributor

Hello all,

I have Enterprise 10.6.1 running in Azure with a federated portal. We also have an Azure managed SQL instance that which is validated/registered as a data store in server manager. The issue is that the same database fails when I try to add it as a registered data store in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 (and 2.4). When I enter the instance and the username/password it populates the Database drop-down with the only database available but fails to connect (see error dialog below) when I click the create button in the Register Database dialog box. This dialog box below offers no information on the type of error. I can connect to this database using ArcMap 10.7.1 and using SSMS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!


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