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Second Page in Layout

11-03-2017 02:58 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be very nice to have more then on page for one Layout.

For example:

First Page: map

Second Page: Legend

Third Page: Text (desription/Metadata/Datatable)

This should be aviable for ArcGIS Server too.

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Thank you for submitting your idea, kolster

Could you provide more context about the use case for this functionality?  



in ArcMap it is only possible to have one Page per layout (I didn't "mean data driven" Layout).

It would be very nice to have more than one Pange per Layout. So you can split the content. First page the map, second page the legend, third page some tables or text etc.

This should work for ArcGIS server to. We have often large legends, and there is no place for the map and the legend on a DIN A4 sheet.

In the properties from the layout you have the possibilitie to configure the number of pages.

I know here is the idea for more than one Layout in ArcMap, but I mean more than one pager per Layout.


Thank you for submitting your idea.  It has been reviewed and is open to voting.  In the meantime, you might try moving some of your work to an ArcGIS Pro project where you can have multiple layouts in the same project.

Maps—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

While it isn't exactly what you're requesting, it might make your work easier by being able to create the three pages each as a layout and quickly export them.  I understand that it would still be a workaround, but it might be a lot easier than having to manage entirely different map documents.