Enhanced Statistics Reports

09-07-2016 09:49 AM
Status: Open
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The Statistics Reports addition to Server Manager Logs tab is a great idea but currently it does not really offer much useful information.  What would be great to see here is a graphical / chart view summary of the server logs as an alternative to the View Logs window.  The View Logs window displays in a scroll-able list all the server log items (such as REST requests) for each service.  This can be great for viewing errors etc. but is not usable if you are trying to count how many times user X accessed service Y in any given Z time frame.  While you can see some statistics based on Total Requests, you cannot narrow this down by user, and it does not work with cached services.  Ultimately, what my organization needs is the ability to query the log files and show me: All users who have accessed my server in the last month, and how many times they have accessed each service.  Or: how many times user X has accessed service Y today. Etc.  When I say Accessed Service, what I mean for Cached Services is how many tiles they have requested.  For dynamic services, how many requests were made. 

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Statistics for cached services would help very much to our customers!