Branch-Version Selector Widget

02-04-2021 09:26 AM
Status: Open
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The push by ESRI to use of Branch-Versioning in the Services-Based architecture means more use of branch-versions, currently there is no widget available nor url-parameter to allow the selection of a specific BRANCH for work.


This would be either dropdown that you can assign to a given feature-service and would list all active versions; or a url/query parameter like &version=MYVERSION


Hi @DEWright_CA ,

This widget is mentioned in another post and can be used to select a branch version of a configured feature service in WAB.  I have utilised it myself in some testing and appears to work ok although I have had issues with it other widgets updating after changing to a different version.




Hi @DavidMcCorkindale1 Yeah I heard about that one; but that is also centric to the solutions area and volatile to changes in that area.

My Idea is for a CORE widget that can be used in any branch-versioned feature dataset. I had to have ESRI Professional Services help me build a custom-widget for a project implementation but as this is a architectural direction ESRI is going they need to provide basic tools to support the platform.