Be able to use Arcade expressions, which result is a FeaureSet or an Array, to use them as an input of Charts in pop-ups.

06-23-2020 05:15 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Arcade allows you to use FutureSets and Filter function to match data from a Feature Layer and a related table with a common field, and use the results to populate a pop-up. Several examples of these functionality have been posted, like this one done by Xander BakkerUsing FeatureSetBy functions in Arcade to drill-down to other layers and tables. In the previous example, the result is a list of values that are used to populate the pop-up. In this other example, Pump up Your Pop-ups With Arcade FeatureSets and the Living Atlas by Lisa Berry‌, the result of an Arcade expression is used to create a diagram in the pop-up. However, in that example the result is a single number. Although is possible to get an array or FeatureSet using Arcade expressions, when the result is a FeatureSet or an Array is not possible to use them in the pop-up media to create a Chart (such a Bar chart, Line chart, etc.) because they do not become available in the inputs for building the chart (as an expression) when adding a pop-up media.

Would be nice to have this possibility, because will leverage far more options to display data in pop-ups.