ArcGIS Token based on user activity

12-09-2021 12:40 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Dear ESRI Team,

I think ESRI Portal for ArcGIS is lacking the functionality of managing the Token based on the user's activity. It would be great if the Administrator can configure the Portal's Token duration based on the user's activity time. As Example : 

a user who is inactive for 30 minutes, his session should expire, but if a user is working on the map his session can expire in 1 hour maybe with a warning, so users have the time to save the ongoing work.

From our cyber security team, we are forced to have a session closed if a user is not active for more than 30 minutes, but within ESRI enterprise we can only configure the Token regardless of the user is active/inactive. This situation is leading to the users in the field who are working on collecting the data, their session becomes reset and they are losing unsaved information.