allow collaboration of secured content in enterprise portal to AGOL

04-13-2022 12:29 AM
Status: Open
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Portal to AGOL collaboration currently only works for items shared to public. We have multiple secure datasets that are to be shared with our AGOL organisation to secure clients and cannot do this at the moment. Our data is also constantly changing (1 minute refresh) so cannot do this with a data copy.

The only way to achieve this is to give external clients logins to our AGOL and also our enterprise portals.

This function already exists for AGOL-to-AGOL collaboration so why not Portal-to-AGOL?


Maybe there is another option for you:

Register the URLS of your secured services direcly in ArcGIS Online. When you do that, you will be prompted to enter a username and password (this must be a Portal Build-in account). Then you will get the option to save the username and password with the registered service. After completing the registration of the service, ArcGIS Online will create a proxy to the service and the users of the this proxy service don't need a Enterprise account and can use the secure service with their ArcGIS Online account.

See -> Add items from a URL for more details.



Hi @JoëlHempenius3 ,


Thanks for the info but we have tried that for some layers and it does work but in our case I am looking at hundreds of layers and items. This also requires to enter new item details, which would be a copy/paste type operation and would not be linked to the 'parent' item's details. Our details require explicit dates of last updated and forecast ranges to be added.