Importing GPX trail presents trail with all trackpoints marked with a symbol

04-24-2021 03:40 PM
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I am importing walking paths as GPX from a Gaia GPS app.  The tracks import just fine, but all are marked with a large gray cylinder form at every bend in the track00that is at all of the trackpoints.  This makes the map very hard to read and a bit too congested to share with anyone.   When I look for instructions on changing the appearance of waypoints, I am instructed to right-click on the track and go to the context  menu listing of "symbology."  I have no "symbology" menu item.


I am at a loss as to how to clean up these images. 


Thanks all!

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Hi Lawrence,

Thank you for describing the issue you are experiencing. 

In ArcGIS Earth, it is by design that waypoints are represented by gray squares (which look like cylinders in your case) if the GPX file doesn't contain any symbol information. After adding the GPX file into ArcGIS Earth, you can expand the data layer in TOC (table of content), and then expand the waypoints/points folder layer. In TOC, you'll see each point layer with its symbol. Right click the point layer and click Properties. Under General tab, you'll be able to customize the symbol (size, color, and icon) for that point.

Unfortunately we currently don't have a way of selecting all point layers to customize the symbols for all points at once. An alternative or a quicker way of solving the crowdedness is to uncheck all point layers, and only check the point layers that are important in your track, and maybe customize symbols for those points only. So that only a part of the points will be displayed with their symbols customized.

Hope this can solve your issue. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,