How to move edits to base without unregistering?

05-17-2019 12:39 AM
New Contributor II

want to synchronize some datasets and feature classes from Oracle to MS SQL Server using ArcMap replication tools. Both databases are geodatabase enabled. I don't want to replicate/synchronize data in real time but only once a day. I have created one-way replica(parent to child), it works fine for the edits that are made in that version. But data in that version is different from the one in base tables(oracle), so to reflect those changes I have to unregister as versioned and compress edits to base. If I make some changes, unregister as versioned and compress edits to base and then again register as versioned to run synchronization, but unfortunately those changes are not reflected in replica in SQL Server. Since I want to run replication once a day, if I make several edits, I want to make sure that those changes are there in base table(oracle) and if I unregister and compress then synchronization will not reflect all changes in replica(SQL server). Is there any way through which I can maintain that version so that all changes are synced in SQL server and whatever the edits are made in that version also reflected in base tables?

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