Vehicle Tracking on Operations Dashboard

03-10-2014 03:00 AM
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I can't find information how can I track vehicles on Operations Dashboard. Is it possible to use any GPS tracker for this task. And how to feed Operations Dashbord with information from GPS tracker?
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Hello Giedrius,

One way you can feed the GPS information into Operations Dashboard is to use your GPS information as input for the GeoEvent Processor, and then output it as a Feature Service and then use it in your operation view (For more information about the GeoEvent Processor, please see this page and the ArcGIS Help.).

When your feature service is ready, if you want the data to be displayed on a map widget in Dashboard, add the service to a webmap, then set a Refresh Interval for the service's layer (please follow the steps here to do so). When you load the webmap into a map widget, the refresh interval setting will be honored. If you have more than one layer with different refresh intervals, you can override their refresh settings with a single refresh interval (please see step 6 of this page in the Dashboard help).

If on the other hand, you want the feature service to be added as an external data source (data that are used by an operation view but are not drawn on the map), you can follow the "External data sources" section on the page here. When done, click on the Widgets menu then click Refresh Settings to set a refresh interval for the external data source.


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