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01-23-2019 05:16 PM
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I am creating an operation dashboard when I use category selector filter I am not able to see the layers I have on the map ( I saw videos regarding operation dashboard and it is possible to see layers in the filter section)

Could you please let me know the issue (the layers display in my map are map image layers)



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Hi Greta,

I have a feeling this is due to the fact that the layers in the Web Map are Map Image Layers. Some of the differences between data sources used in Operations Dashboards are discussed here: Understand data sources—Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | ArcGIS.

From Map Service—ArcGIS REST API: Services Directory | ArcGIS for Developers

Map services hosted by ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS can only return tiles from the server's cache; they cannot draw images dynamically, nor do they allow query of the individual features behind the map. 

Have you tried with Hosted Feature Layers or Feature Services from Enterprise? I used Hosted Feature Layers in the test below.