Months displaying incorrect order

01-30-2020 05:34 AM
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I've created a dashboard for our county's library system.  We operate by fiscal year instead of calendar year, so the months needed to be displayed in chronological order.  I placed a numeric value in front of the months so that they would begin with October and end the next year's September.  This has worked wonderfully for all but one of the tiles on my dashboard.  The only thing I can think might be the issue is that this tile pulls from a different survey than the other tiles.  HOWEVER, I did not have this issue last fiscal year using the exact same surveys.  Any advice?? I've attached two images - one showing FY18-19 displaying in the correct order, and one for FY19-20 showing incorrectly.  This is an issue with about a third of the library branches I've created dashboards for.  The rest are displaying just fine.  I've checked the configurations and they are all the same.

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