Has anyone experienced widgets not honoring filters when using a date field?

06-21-2019 12:54 PM
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Attached are a couple screenshots.  Both are the results of a filter being applied to the Indicator Widget for a Dashboard within AGOL.  Depending on the data source, which technically are exact copies of each other, I get different results.

My goal is to have the widget depict the number of catch basins that have been inspected by our crew for the day.  As you can see from the screenshots, the filter is using what we call the Inspection Date Field.

Screenshot A is using a feature service pointed to a version of our catchbasin featureclass within SDE.  As you can see, it seems to not be working.  Yet, if you click on the “Show data table” button, the results are 32 records (catchbasins inspected for today) in table form, so the filter must be working, right?


Screenshot B is using an AGOL hosted feature service, which is an exported copy of our catchbasins featureclass from the same version within our SDE.  As you can see from the screenshot (32 records), it is working.


I’m guessing it has something to do with the date field and how it’s configured in our SDE.  Maybe the date field formatting changes with the export to AGOL.?.  Or maybe it's a bug?

I thought I'd share in case someone else is having a similar issue.


Any ideas?

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