Filtering in Operations Dashboard - 1000 feature limit?

03-20-2018 05:41 AM
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So I made this dashboard:


And I can see in the bottom that there should be 23 features with the status 'Ubehandlet'. If i try to apply filter 'ubehandlet" under filters, i have made an action that will filter the items in the map, but when i apply the filter, i dont see 23 items in the map, only 6 or 7...  Is this because the service is getting the first 1000 rows for the map extent, and then filtering on those?   If so, is this the way it should wok?

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Hi Anders,

I'm not able to fully understand how you have it configured, but I don't believe the 1000 feature limit is your problem here. The filtering is done server-side, so returning 23 features shouldn't be a problem. If you are unable to narrow down the problem more, I suggest contacting Esri support.


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Okay, so I did a small test again; I did set up a filter in the underlying webmap at this layer, only allowing the features with status 'Ubehandlet'. This gives me the correct number of features appearing in the map...

This is strange behaviour I think.   The configuration is quite simple, A selector and an action to filter the map per status...

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Same here. I prefiltered in the web map for a specific year. I see all features for that year in the dashboard.

When this filter is not applied in the web map, but in the dashboard (for the same year) I do not see all features for that year. This is either a bug or strange behavior I need to figure out how to work around.

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I think I am experiencing something similar. I have 20,000 records, but only show them by year. One year has only 400 records or so and they do not all show.

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May i know..what are the limite uploading feature in Arcgis dashboard?as I refer to one of the technical article, we can edit the max record which set as default 50,000 to desired numbers..Is it recommended as a solution.If not, what are the best way in uploading more that 50,000 . How to prevent warning error message data exceed limit