Can you perform calculations in Dashboard Widgets

04-08-2020 09:44 AM
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Hi, I have license fees and late fees I would like to sum up using Operations Dashboard.  Currently, operations dashboard indicator widget can tell me the total sum of each fee.  I would like to total these fees up and have the indicator widget list the total fees.   

I currently tried using Arcade and it works fine in my popup, but the arcade expression can not be used in the dashboard widget.  

Can calculations be done in Operations Dashboard or when will arcade expressions be compatible?

Thank you!

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Hi amkampbell ,

In the video of the March update of ArcGIS Online, the new beta version of ArcGIS Dashboard is mentioned. It has been delayed by a couple of weeks, but I'm sure we will be able to play with it soon: What's New in ArcGIS Online: March 2020 Update - YouTube (starts at 5:57). They also mention this blog: 

What I am not sure about is whether you can do what you would like to achieve, create new data and show that in the indicator widget. I really hope it is included. Let me tag David Nyenhuis to see if he can answer this question.

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