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Dashboard Support for Select Multiple, without losing actions

04-24-2023 06:48 AM
Status: Open
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Currently when you have a field holding a select multiple type question, usually derived through Survey123, but also can be categories separated by ',' - you're able to create a data expression to separate the data. However this data expression loses it's link back to it's unique ID and therefore cannot be linked back to actions between other dashboard elements. I've troubleshooted this issue with Esri Support and they were unable to find a solution. 

This workflow is an incredibly important addition for Dashboards as it is often a limiting factor for researchers choosing to use the Dashboard builder to feature their research data. 

While there is a workaround of duplicating data within the spreadsheet, that threatens the data integrity and loses other important information. In addition this workaround involves changing the arrangement of the researchers database before importing into dashboards, which eliminates the simplicity of being able to simply append new data to the spreadsheet. 

Since this is a workflow commonly seen in new users of ArcGIS Online, there needs to be a way to build in these select multiple actions while not losing interactivity between dashboard elements. 

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Yes please! My priority is having a category selector that allows for filtering with a LIKE '%VALUE%' statement so you can grab any record that has one particular selection in the select multiple question.