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Ability to deselect features on Dashboards map

02-24-2021 11:38 AM
Status: Open
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When I use the Selector Tool in my Dashboard map, I notice that if I use the "Point" selection option, I can add to the current selection by holding the shift key when clicking a feature.  This is helpful so that I don't need to clear out my selection and start over if I want to make a minor change to my selection.  Sometimes I have several features selected (I often work with tracts), and it would be inefficient for me to select all of those features again.

Since we can add to our selected features by holding the shift key, I would like to also have the ability to remove (de-select) from the current set of selected features by holding the shift key and clicking on a feature that's already selected.  This is would be helpful because I often have several features selected and I watch the data summaries for these features on my Dashboard (indicator boxes) as my selection changes.  I'd like to make minor changes to my selection without having clear my selection and then do the selection all over again. Sometimes I may have 30 features selected at a time. It would be much easier to be able to remove one feature from that selection instead of re-selecting 29 features.


Here are the options in the selection tool  The point option allows me to hold shift and add to the selection.



Here is an example of multiple features selected in an Dashboard Map.  I'd like to be able to remove one of these features from the selection.  Currently, the tool will let me add to the selection, but won't let me remove from the selection.



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This would be useful for our organization as well. We have a dashboard set up for our IT division to analyze different potential fiber installation routes throughout the city, and they have asked for this functionality multiple times.