Unable to Draw Polygons in New Collector

12-14-2018 11:51 AM
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Hi there!  I'm running into an issue where I'm unable to add a new polygon in the new version of collector.  It still works fine in Classic.  Here's what my current workflow looks like:

A field worker will start a new "Map Change Request" by selecting the feature (manhole or sewer line) that needs to be updated:

They will then choose "New" on the related table (Map Change Requests), so that the facility ID is carried over.  Once there, they draw a polygon on the screen around the sewer line.  The coordinates for that polygon are passed into GeoEvent and sent to the proper inspector, who can then click on a link to take them directly to the polygon in their webapp interface:

An example of the generated email with the polygon corner X/Y:

In the new version of Collector I can't draw the polygon.  I click add (after having selected the line and choosing the related table), and then the only options available are to add attachments or photos.  The drawing target with the "Add Point" button is missing:

Oddly, I'm able to fill in all of the information, click submit, and the entry appears to have bent sent successfully.  A row is added to the feature class on the database end, but there is no geometry associated with it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!



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