Sync issues with Collector for ArcGIS

02-26-2015 03:14 AM
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I have actually some issues with syncing my data. I don't like to use this word in computing but it seems to be "aleatory", and when it's occurs, it' impossible to come back on a normal sync situation.

I have two kind of errors :

- a error message on a map

- no error message and the sync it's never ends on other map

My map include :

- point feature with two fields with domains name

- line feature without attributes

- polygon feature. Where I just give permissions for editing attributes values of the existing polygons.

I have domains name on each field (except one on the polygon feature), which create automatically required fields (is that a problem?).

On collector, a field with domains is by default as a no value

The solution was to put default value on each field to avoid null values

Then I desactivated the editor tracking (Is it still useful to do that or editor tracking is now supported?)

I don't even try attachments

I followed all the advice that I read in this forum this last days, and ... I'm still having the same sync problem

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Dear Collector developers, we need to talk about sync issues.  We have experienced sync failure, also.  When a sync fails, the data are lost. We are experiencing this on an Android OS.

We need to know what bugs ESRI knows about and if 10.3 overcomes any of the problems.  We need to know if there are work-arounds.  Also, if this is a memory issue, we must understand what constraints cause sync failures.

Stephanie, on what kind of device are you running Collector?

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Debra, I'm only using Android devices. I tested Collector on 2 smartphones and 1 tablet and experienced a sync failure with all of them.

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Stephane, could you try using Fiddler to capture error message? here is the instruction using ipad Configure Fiddler to Capture Web Traffic from an iPhone/iPad | Support Services Blog . It can also apply to Android.

Do you use ArcGIS Online hosted feature service or your own server feature service?

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All,  I believe that we are narrowing a crashing problem down to Collector version 10.3 build 1010.  Our app worked before this update and does not after.  The app and data have not changed.  The data are very simple, very small and have no attachments.  We are using domains.


1.Connected mode works fine.

2.Disconnected mode -- click a point and get the message:  Unfortunately, Collector has stoppedNote,
the app crashes consistently every time we click on a point.

We are quite interested in using debugging software to gain control over the application.  With a little luck we will be working with experts at the ESRI developer's summit starting tomorrow and will post more as we know more.

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This may or may not be the best place for this post, but I've recently experienced some erratic Collector behavior related to syncing edits. I was having issues where the sync would error - but when the "unable to send updates..." error was accepted, the feature would appear on the map. And when "identified" there would be two or three features there in the same space (?). Deleting was erratic as well. These were all happening Saturday. Today things are responding as I originally expected. Problems were observed on iOS and Android. Also saw similar results on the "Green App" on a Windows Phone. Could it have been some scheduled maintenance or anything like that? Services were hosted on ArcGIS Online.


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