Some important things we need to see in Collector

01-28-2015 02:08 PM
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1) Point snapping

2) feature/location navigation (distance, direction) - not address related

3) ability to sort/filter searches (it automatically sorts by ObjectID I think)

4) Ability to see edits made to an offline map

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Travis, good points, I'm pretty involved with Collector as we have recently chose it as our mobile GIS solution. I support any additional enhancements including the ones you've mentioned.

I did want to share something they may be helpful and possibly address #2. The Application Settings of your Web Map has a Layer control which activates the ability to search by features in the map. Under the Find Locations are 2 options By Layer and/or By Address. Usually By Address is selected by default. If you activate by Layer it accesses the layers within the map. You can define which layers are searchable and which fields to search by. Apply these properties to your Web Map and the search tool in Collector can then search, select, and route to those features. Good luck and hope this is helpful!

Web Map Properties.png