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Map Download Failed with new 18.1.0 version

12-09-2018 10:31 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have an offline map that loads fine on the "Classic" 18.0.3 version of Collector. Trying the new version for iOS 18.1.0 I get the error "Download Failed". This is the same map, is there some new setting that needs changed to enable sync with the new Aurora version?

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Since I made that change this morning (enabling our Water Main layer to be taken offline), I thought I would try taking it offline using Collector 18.1.0. It downloaded! No errors. It would seem that my problem was self-inflicted. Enabling that layer fixed my problem in 18.1.0 and 18.0.3 (Classic). So, I may not have the same issue that the other were having. Sorry for the goose chase.


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Hi Kevin,

Apparently, this is the cause why I can't add an offline area in the new collector for iOS. However, I managed to download in the collector classic. 

I am new in the company and there is no point to republish all the feature services, since surveyors and guys in the office have been using them for a while. I really want to move to new collector and I am willing to change all the field names which has listed values. Is there any clue to rename fields through ArcGIS Online ? 

Thanks in advance

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Ok looks like if you have layers/tables with the same field names (and I think that also have domains) then you will get the error. The only workaround right now is to change the field names with domain lists (which is a huge PITA). Guess we'll be waiting some more and continuing to use Classic..

Please see other post: 

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Renaming the alias didn't change anything for me  I guess I have to rename the whole stuff...

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Another problem that leads to the "Download Failed" is orphaned records in the related tables.  While experimenting with our map we had created a couple test points and added some related records for one of them.  In attempting to download with Classic, the error message isolated the problem to layer 0, the layer holding points that are collected in the field.  I downloaded the layer, found and deleted the orphaned records, and republished.  Now map downloading for offline use works in both Classic and the new Collector.

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