Is there any viable way to create a collector map without using ArcGIS Desktop?

09-02-2014 06:52 AM
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I am doing a lot of work with schools and whilst I have full access to ArcGIS desktop, school teachers don't nor do they know how to use it. Is there any way to set up datasets on ArcGIS online, customize them and allow them to be consumed by a collector useable map. Teachers need to be able to create host and modify the data themselves, rather than rely on others to do it for them. Collector is great for use by schools and kids there just seems to be a hole in the work flow that I don't know how to fill - can anyone help please??



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Hi Laura,

You can create a layer based off of another feature layer.  Now that you can add/delete fields for feature layers in, the user should be able to create the layer they desire.

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The teaches would need an educational arcgis online subscription or developer account. When they have a subscription they can create a feature service online, without having access to ArcGIS Desktop.

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There was a similar question and answers just recently in the Education forum here.

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