Has anyone figured out a way to continuously collect a streaming line feature, while adding point features without stopping the collection of the line feature?

01-28-2015 11:24 AM
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Does anyone have any idea if Collector will collect two layers at the same time?  I am wanting to continuously collect a road centerline while adding point features along the way.

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Currently this is not supported but it is an enhancement we would like to make to the app in a future update. You can post this on ideas.arcgis.com and it can be used for future product plans.



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Yes, apparently the environmentalists need this as well. While navigating a stream they need to be able to identify significant features along the way without interrupting streaming since the accuracy may change on restarting the line and to avoid the extra work involved by having to reconnect sub lines.

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Is there anyway to incorporate using the Survey123 app along side of the Collector app to create/manipulate the points that are need nested into the feature class!

Meaning, you could .

1. create your Feature Service the way you always do,

2. then publish to AGO or your in house ArcGIS Server,

3.then Create a Survey from the Feature Service within Survey123connect that points to each possible point type,

4. then while they are streaming they could pause the Line feature,

5. open Survey123, choose the correct survey for the point feature they want, complete and submit the survey,

6). then go back to collector and continue on with the line feature?

It would take a little bit of work to create the surveys and you would have to teach the end users on how to complete the workflow, but it could be a band aid until this is workflow is added into Collector.

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I do something like this, but it involves to devices. I run one with ArcCollector taking a track and the other has a Survey123 form I can take points with and document things. Unfortunately ESRI's data collection does not allow more than one service to use the GPS unit.

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One way to accomplish this with Collector would be to enable tracking in your map (https://doc.arcgis.com/en/collector/windows/create-maps/track-where-collectors-went.htm ).  This will generate a time stamped point feature layer at a specified interval while you are out collecting. You also might want to add points to signify the start and end points of each road in your point feature layer. Back in the office you can export and download the tracking feature layer and use the ‘Points To Line’ tool in ArcMap to create your centerlines.

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