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Configure Collector app to require admin verification of edits?

01-14-2021 06:13 PM
New Contributor II

Hi I'm new,

I made a Collector app and need to configure the settings such that edits that are made in the field undergo review before they update the webmap/feature service, or become available to the rest of the group/org. Ideally a field worker's edits will require approval after they sync - please share any links to information regarding this part of the Collector workflow !

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Hi bethkahrer,

You may be looking for 'versioned data' if you are looking into reconciling changes to a master/authoritative dataset.

It might not be possible in Collector (as I have not worked with Collector for some time now) but a possible workflow could be to:

  1. Create a versioned dataset and publish it as a feature service,
  2. Create a version for user editor (e.g. a version named: "EditorDataset") in your database,
  3. Create a web map with the EditorDataset versioned feature layer,
  4. Share the web map as a  collector application.

From there, when edits come in, they can reconcile on the desktop or through a version management service.

Here are some links for working with versions on REST and Collector. 


Good luck!